Teaching & Career

Next to teaching at TUM and Helmholtz Centre Munich, we offer various individual career options including the advanced training as a 'Certified Immunologist DGfI'(link is external).

Students in the fields of medicine and science are welcome to send their application for (laboratory) internships, bachelor- or master theses as well as doctoral theses at any time.

Please send your application dossier containing a letter of intent, CV and certificates as a pdf-file to sekretariat.tiem@med.tum.de(link sends e-mail).

We are looking forward to your application!


Dr. rer. nat. Andreas Eberherr
Rescue of STAT3 function in hyper-IgE syndrome using adenine base editing


Dr.med. Carolin Krätz
B-cell immunity in primary immunodeficiencies with class switch recombination (CSR)-defect and the hyper-IgE syndrome


Dr. med.dent. Iris Meixner
Evaluation of therapy options of the findings failure of dental shedding and pulmonary disease in STAT hyper-IgE syndrome, a rare primary immunodeficiency 

Dr. med. Benedikt Spielberger
Identification of molecular-genetic causes of a rare primary immunodeficiency on the example of hyper-IgE syndrome


Dr.med. Annette Boos 
Hyper-IgE syndrome compared to atopic dermatitis

Dr. med. Valerie Heinz
Autosomal recessive hyper-IgE syndrome (DOCK8-deficiency): clinic and immunologic key findings